Analytics and Research

Evodia works with customers in the Defence Sector, the Security Services and Law Enforcement Agencies providing its clients with contractors who can help them make decisions using robust data analysis and research.

Evodia has been providing Operational Analysts into the Land, Air, Joint, Counter Terrorism, Special Forces and Defence Intelligence to deliver Enterprise Decision Level and Capability Investment support.

Our contractors have also provided QA Methods, Models and Tools support. This support has covered the review of toolsets to identify gaps and prioritise opportunities for improvement.

Our contractors have wide experience and expertise in: -

  • Simulation Modelling
    • Communications, Logistics, Human Factors, Financial, Econometric
  • Studies
    • BoI, Investment Appraisal, Cost Capability Trade Off, System Design Support
  • Analysis
    • Parametric, Fusion, Social Network, Systems (including non-numeric data), Statistical
  • Techniques
    • Pairwise Comparison, Structured Interviewing, Monte Carlo, War Gaming
  • Knowledge of Analysis Packages
    • Simul8, i2 Analysts Notebook, IBASE, AnyLogic, ARCGIS
  • System Engineering & Software Engineering
    • MODAF, Doors, UML, Configuration Control, C++, Java, C#, UNIX, Testing


If you are interested in finding out more about analytical and research roles, please contact our resourcing team on 01252 7913984 or complete our contact us form.